The Early Bird Gets The Link

The Trolls Are Winning

It bothers me most when I see evangelicals engaging in this behavior. So, a word to my readers: we may not be able to solve the problem of incessant trolling, but we do not have to further it.

7 Things To Do After You Look At Pornogrophy

“It is often in the moment after the closed door, the darkness, the screen-light, the hidden act — after pornography indulgence — that Satan spins his most eloquent web: menacing patterns of thinking; bargaining with a disapproving and distant God; twisting us in on ourselves in self-hatred. It is in the moment after pornography indulgence that Satan does his finest work. It is in this moment that we need God to do his finest saving. Here are some specific ways to search for grace the moment after the dark act of pornography indulgence:”

Andy Stanley interview with Christianity Today 

This interview with Andy Stanley  concerning his comments on selfish parents and small churches, is worth reading.

What Were They Thinking?

11 Mind-bending Christian Book Covers You Can’t Unsee

Theological Fitness

“We need theological fitness in the Christian life of faith and obedience. Theological fitness refers to that persistent fight to exercise our faith by actively engaging in the gospel truth revealed in God’s Word. Every Christian will persevere, but whatever stage of the race we may find ourselves in, we respond to our trials, triumphs, and ordinary circumstances according to what we believe to be true about God and His work. One thing is for sure: we cannot hold fast to a confession that we know little about. A good servant of Jesus Christ is trained in the Word of the faith. This takes a fighting mentality.”


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