The Early Bird Gets The Link

Is there hope for Susan Pevensie?

“For the first time, it dawned on me that Susan’s story wasn’t over—not at all. It couldn’t be. One day, Susan was obsessing over “lipstick and nylons and invitations,” and the next, someone would telephone her to tell her that her mother, father, sister, two brothers, a cousin, and three old friends were dead.”

Trevin Wax’s take on small church vs. big church

“The tension between larger and smaller churches is unfortunate, because the wrong assumptions and offensive stereotypes keep us from deeper questions:”

Why Perfectionism and Burnout Go Hand in Hand

This article focuses on perfectionist from a secular environment, but it is also true, those who strive for perfection without the help of the Spirit of grace will end up burned out. 

“We live in a world dominated by the pursuit of perfection. From the sports field, to the classroom, to the office and everywhere in between; perfect performances are the pinnacle–the very definition of success for many. Yet, as Candide discovered, there is an inherent flaw in this logic. For perfection is a standard which can never be attained and ultimately offers all but misery for those who try.”

Learning from those who have been through life is important to the Christian. This interview with Jerry Bridges concerning 5 lessons of faith is a gem 


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