The Early Bird Gets The Link

A Simple Guide to Christian Voting

A commitment to vote should first be motivated by a resolve to honor God and second by a resolve to love your neighbor. Self-centered voting or apathetic non-voting are acts of rebellion.

Why This Election Makes Me Hate the Word “Evangelical”

The word “evangelical” has become almost meaningless this year, and in many ways the word itself is at the moment subverting the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mom and Dad, Your Job Is Not Over

Christian parent of a straying child, you cannot save your child. If your good works aren’t going to save you, what makes you think that your good works were going to save your child? It isn’t that what we do isn’t important in to their salvation—God commands us to train them up and teach them His word in order that they might hear His voice and respond. Our job is to create the necessary conditions for the faith to ignite.

Jerry Bridges

One of the great legacies of Jerry Bridges is that he combined—to borrow some titles from his books—the pursuit of holiness and godliness with an emphasis on transforming grace. He believed that trusting God not only involved trusting him for what he had done for us in the past, but that the gospel was for transformative for all of life


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