Book Review: Heaven How I Got Here: The Story Of The Thief On The Cross


Heaven, How I Got Here: The Story Of The Thief On The Cross, Colin S. Smith. Christian Focus Publications. Kindle Paperback

“Jesus’ I said ‘Remember me when you come into your kingdom’…

There was no mistaking His enthusiasm. Joy filled His eyes as He looked at me. 

 It was as if He had been waiting for me to ask, as if His answer to my request was bound up with why He was there. It felt to me as if His arms, which were pinned to the cross, were reaching out to me with the same love and forgiveness that He had offered to the guards.”

Heaven How I Got Here is the riveting story of the thief on the cross and how he moved from sinner to saint in a matter of hours. Colin Smith takes readers on a compelling journey through the mind of the the thief on the cross as he started out on the day that changed the world. In this fast paced, easy to read, dramatic story, Colin weaves in history, theology and the Gospel as he tells the tale of how the thief got to heaven.

Colin gives readers a great picture of what could have been the mental state of the thief who became a believer. As he writes from a first person perspective, we get glimpses into the the life of the thief as he moves through the various hours, and sometimes minutes, of the day Christ was crucified between two thieves. Colin tells a gripping tale and wastes little time in this page turner.

Heaven How I Got Here was an easy to read, fast paced book. A great historical fiction book about the thief who became a saint. Written in a style in which people from all ages could read and enjoy. Through the account of the thief, we find the Gospel, the story of a man who bridges the gap between sinners and a holy God, the Story of Jesus. Heaven, How I Got Here is a great read and a great Easter resource.


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