Book Review: Romans 8-16 For You by Timothy Keller


Romans 8-16 For You, Timothy Keller. The Good Book Company. Hardcover Kindle

The series, God’s Word For You has done a great job in breaking down books of the Bible in a fast paced, easy to understand format. Although the series is not an exhaustive commentary, they do an excellent job in explaining the text and assisting the reader to understand, contemplate and show how the Scripture still applies to us in the twenty first century. In Romans 8-16 For You, Timothy Keller continues in the same mold and manner of previous books in the God’s Word For You series.

In the Introduction of the book Keller writes,

We need to learn how to meditate and think about the Gospel until it becomes real in our hearts and the foundation of everything we do.

Romans 8-16 For You does just exactly what Timothy Keller sets out to do in this book. From beginning to end Timothy Keller is helping the reader meditate, think and learn how the Gospel has transformed us internally (in our salvation) and how it should transform us externally (how we should live now). Keller does an excellent job in explaining the the doctrines of Grace which Paul writes about and shows how Romans 8-16 is chain linked together.

Romans 8-16 For You, like the other God’s Word For You books in the series, is usable on various levels. I enjoyed it as a personal study and reflection. This book would be excellent as a family study or small group study, with built in study questions. It would also help pastors and teachers, if they plan on doing a study or sermon series through Romans.


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