Are We Christians Being Alarmist? I Think Not

Last week I wrote about the relationship between Christian morality and public law from Dr. Mohler’s book Culture Shift.

One of the theses in the article states,

Liberal democracy must acknowledge and respect the rights of all citizens, including religious citizens

We have a great and recent example of this point. Mike Huckabee recently left his show on Fox News to pursue a bid for the Presidency. Some have alluded to disqualifying him because he is an unapologetic believer and has served as a pastor. If these same views were applied at the nations founding, America may have never been born. Being a Christian shouldn’t disqualify anyone from political office or political debate. The religious person shouldn’t be required to keep his views about politics and public policy within the church walls.

As I was skimming through twitter a few days ago I came across this article in the Los AngelesTimes which states,

When the California Supreme Court voted last week to prohibit state judges from belonging to nonprofit youth organizations that practice discrimination, Julia Kelety was not surprised.

The issue, which had been roiling through the legal community for the last year, had triggered vigorous debate, giving Kelety, a Superior Court judge in San Diego County, time to prepare.

Committee chair for Boy Scout Troop 24, she has already begun to consider a successor before she begins dialing back her commitment to the 30 boys in her troop.

Although the court’s unanimous decision did not explicitly mention the Boy Scouts of America, there was little doubt that it was the intended target. The organization, which lifted its ban on openly gay boys younger than 18, still prohibits gay and lesbian adults from serving as staff or voluntary leaders.

The question to ask is how long before state judges are going to be prohibited from being a member of a religious organization or a church. Denny Burk writes

In other words, the Court knows that it has a standard that churches and other religious organizations violate. That is why they grant them an exception. But on what basis would they continue such an exception? If they really view churches as discriminatory without rational basis, there would be no reason for the exception to stand. That would effectively preclude Christians and other people of faith from serving as state judges in California.

We are witnessing a shift in our society—a shift which inevitably leads to Christians being treated as social pariahs at every level of our national life. And we can see what is unfolding before our very eyes.Louie Giglio’s Christian faith got him removed from the President’s inauguration. Brendan Eich’s Christian faith got him dismissed as CEO of Mozilla. Kelvin Cochran’s Christian faith got him fired from his position as Fire Chief of Atlanta. Who will be next? Christian state judges in California?

So are Christians being alarmist? I think not. Some accuse Christians of sounding an unnecessary and pseudo alarm. But in reality we see Christians are being pushed to the margins of life and if the secularist has their way, completely off the page.

Until next time
Soli Deo Gloria


4 thoughts on “Are We Christians Being Alarmist? I Think Not

    1. People may “identify” as Christian in the broad since, but when you examine their worldview it is very much secular. Like President Barak Obama, for example. Another note is the religious nones make up 22% of the adult population and growing.

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