My Experience At A City Wide Martin Luther King JR Church Service

Sunday night, Watson Chapel Baptist Church (my home church) hosted a city wide Martin Luther King service. This service is designed to bring the community together to honor God first and foremost. We also honor the manner in which God used the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to bring change in our nation. This event is to be a way to bring our city together, a city of people from different backgrounds and cultures to worship and fellowship together as the body of Christ.

The Positives

My family moved from the west coast to Arkansas, every church our family attended on the west coast was culturally and racially diverse. When we moved to Arkansas we experienced a culture shock. I must say our family wasn’t prepared to see the segregation of most churches on a Sunday morning. There are white churches, black churches and a few hispanic churches and very few of those churches are diverse. So one of the positives from last night was the opportunity to worship with people of different races, backgrounds and cultures. To worship together and experience a very small glimpse of heaven. My heart longs for the day when all churches in my community are diverse every Sunday.

Another positive was the music, it was great. There was a choir, quartet and an acapella solo of His Eye Is On The Sparrow that was simply amazing. Everyone who led worship in song was simply outstanding and the room rejoiced in the worship of our God collectively.

The participation from the various Pastor’s in our area was also good to see. To be ministered to by the reading of the Word, prayer and music from people of a different race and background is always good. Our nation, state and city needs to see the out-flowing of the Pastors working together for a better community.

The support from the City Officials and Representatives of our city and state was good to see also. Our nation, state and city needs to see them work together too. We need to see them put aside differences and worship together and last night we did.

We cannot honor the legacy of Dr. King without listing the various injustices and out right evil he fought against. It is always good to remember from where we have come for two reasons. The first to avoid going back and the second to learn where we can improve. The world we live in has some serious issues. Our nation has some serious problems from drugs to economics. There are a plethora of topics we can list and our keynote speaker addressed the problem, the human condition. We are born in this world with the problem of sin, it is a part of us. A fallen world will breed fallen problems, but the Gospel is the remedy.

Things To Work On

There were so many positives, I really didn’t want to write anything negative. Our keynote speaker brought up issues that would divide the room from voter ID laws to police shootings in our area. I am not one that wants to avoid these issues, these issues should be discussed and talked about. We need to as the body of Christ learn to empathize with each other and understand where we come from. We should no longer avoid the issues of our brothers and sisters in Christ who feel like they are being profiled or discriminated against. We must seek to understand why they feel that way. At the same time we must also seek after the truth in every problematic situation, Jesus Christ says the truth will set you free (John 8:32) Truth is a liberating agent, but only if we accept it. We can know what is true, reject it and remain in bondage. As believers we must always allow truth to rule the day, even if it doesn’t fit our agenda, motivations or worldview.

With that being said, a service that is designed to unite the community, should do just that. There is a time and a place to discuss controversial problems of our day. This service wasn’t the right time to address these issues, but we should address them and when we do we should do it from various viewpoints. An added round-table discussion to this event may or may not be helpful. But as members of the Body of Christ we must learn how to come together and discuss the problematic issues of our day, understand we may leave the table disagreeing with each other but we must continue to love each other for the sake of the Gospel.

Next Year 

Overall i enjoyed the event and I plan to attend next year. Even though I disagreed with the speaker on some points, I still enjoyed to hear from were he was coming from. I pray we have more events like this in our city.God knows we need them.

Until next time

Soli Deo Gloria


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