Meditation Monday

I usually write out my thoughts on Sunday night or early Monday morning but I am a little under the weather. Keep my family and I in your prayers because the bug is running through the house. With Pastor Todd out of town we heard from brothers Steve Monk and Lee Turner.

God’s Gentleman

In the morning service we heard about meekness. Many in our society view meekness as weakness. But as we learned yesterday, Moses was the meekest man in his day (Num. 12:3). The man who stood up to Pharoah, who talked to God, who led a nation to the brink of the promised land. Meekness isn’t weakness my friend, meekness is strength, courage, power under control and for the believer under God’s control.

There were a couple of statements Bro. Steve said which are still percolating in my mind,

Intercession is not a petition it is a position”

Selfish anger is a sin, selfless anger over injustices and God’s holiness is encouraged.

About Preaching

In our evening service Bro. Lee preached about preaching from Ezekiel 3. Lee was thought provoking and encouraging. Something he said which we all need to be reminded,

Preaching is not for your entertainment. The goal of preaching isn’t “boy that was a nice sermon”, the goal of preaching is to stir you to obedience to the Word.

Think on that

Until next week
Solo Deo Gloria


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