The Early Bird Gets The Link

Witnessing to Jehovah Witnesses with a napkin

Years ago I read the following simple but effective illustration from Greg Koukl on how to use a napkin, a pen, and a Bible verse to show a Jehovah’s Witness that Scripture teaches (even in their own translation) that Jesus must be God. Greg, who is the president of Stand to Reason and the author of one of my favorite books on reasoning with unbelievers, kindly granted permission to reprint the explanation below. I hope you find it helpful.

Worldview and the importance of first impressions

The Jesuits are responsible for the quote, “Give me the child . . . and I will give you the man.” The idea is simple, our childhood influences have a profound impact on who we become as adults. The impressionable season of childhood is a landscape paved with worldview risks and opportunities.

How to deal with holiday family tensions

We tend to idealize holidays, but human depravity doesn’t go into hibernation between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. One thing that will hit most Christians, sooner or later, are tensions within extended families at holiday time. Some of you will be visiting family members who are contemptuous of the Christian faith and downright hostile to the whole thing.

The Moment of Truth: Its Reality

Here, in part, is the reason for the incarnation. Ultimately, the reason for the incarnation is the cross upon which Christ died. But He also came to bear witness to the truth, to testify, to teach, to declare, to assert, to affirm the truth.


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