The Early Bird Gets The Link

Should Christians be concerned about race issues?

“Here’s the thing, you don’t have to agree with all of the issues surrounding the case. We can all disagree about how the case was handled. We can disagree with intent of the officer, etc. But what we can’t ignore is that there is an entire community of people of all colors (but majority Black) who are mourning and grieving. We can’t ignore that.”

What is evil?

“We know that evil cannot exist without good. We know that evil is not the opposite of good, like yin and yang. But what exactly is evil?”

What’s the big deal about the virgin birth?

“If the Bible is the Word of God, it must be truth unmixed with error. Each detail—including the historical, geographic, and scientific ones—must be accurate. If we doubt even one point of biblical truth, we open the door to denial and unbelief of it all. History verifies the inevitability of this pattern.

The virgin birth is such an issue. Some people see it as a nonessential point, or treat it as mythology. It is neither. Although the church has not always been careful to guard this precious truth, it is the foundation of everything Christmas stands for.”

10 historical myths about world Christianity

“As followers of Christ and adherents of the Bible, Christians are called to be a people of the truth. Thus, it is crucial that we seek to understand our tradition as accurately as possible. So consider these top ten historical myths about world Christianity.”


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