Meditation Monday

Welcome to this weeks edition of Meditation Monday. On December 7th, 2014
we had IMB missionary Rich Hutchens as our guest speaker. Bro. Rich was our Lottie Moon Missionary Emphasis speaker, for my non SBC readers this short video about our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering will fill you in. A World of Worshippers was Rich’s sermon in Matt. 28:16-20.

Bro. Rich has served in South America and Cairo, Egypt till he got kicked out in 2010. Bro. Rich tried to return but was stopped at airport and was not allowed back in. There was also an article written in the Egyptian newspaper  explaining Bro. Rich had corrupted morals and preached propaganda, the gospel message.

Bro. Rich started out with the story of William Borden and his ”no reserve, no retreat, no regrets” attitude he had towards missions till his death. Bro. Rich also highlighted for us how the world has changed since William Borden.

The World at the Time of WB
   A. 1.6 Billion people in world
   B. 200 million Muslim in world
   C. Believers non existent in China

The World 100 years
   A. 7 Billion people in the world
   B. Over 3000 people groups have no Gospel witness
   C.  Dramatic shift of Christian growth from US and Europe to Asia and South Africa.
   C. America is no longer the main sending group for missions
per capita.
   D. Church Planting movements are now taking place in North Africa, China, and Ethiopa

The One thing has not changed and cannot change is the  centrality of the Great Commission. The goal of the Great Commission is to create a world of worshippers. God’s purpose was to always have a world of worshippers. Just skim through these passages below.

A. Gen. 1:28, Gen 9
   B. Psalms 46:10
   C. Rev. 5:9-14

The Great Commission is for the whole church. Every member is a Great Commission Ambassador. Every Christian has the power to accomplish the Great Commission because the power of the risen Christ lives in us and empowers us to be a Gospel witness in our world. We have the power and God has given us a plan. Take what you have been taught and entrust it to faithful people. (2 Tim. 2:2).We have the power, we have a plan and finally we have the promise of the Presence of God. He promises to be with you always.

Until next week
Solo Deo Gloria


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