The Early Bird Gets The Link

Hosea say what?

“That last verse has caused plenty of consternation over the years.  The Holy Family goes to Egypt, and this somehow fulfills Hosea’s reference to Israel’s exodus? It looks like Matthew is connecting the prophetic dots by the slimmest of connections.”

12 Head-Scratching Carols of Christmas

“It does not strike us as odd, perhaps, to run around the house shrieking “Fa la la la la la,” although if we were to take a moment to think about exactly what it is we’re singing, we may go ahead and turn ourselves in for a brief examination. Here are twelve such carols. Some of them are downright bad. Some of them are actually OK. But all contain at least one line of questionable sanity …”

What Makes Someone A Student?

“Being a young person in school doesn’t make you a student.  Nor does being in your 70’s in a retirement home mean you’re not a student. There are a few misconceptions that I want to clear up about being a student, and why being a life long student is so important.”

What does it look like to engage the culture?

“Here are some overarching banner thoughts on engaging the pop culture. I’ve observed you can take three co-inherent approaches.”

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