The Early Bird Gets The Link

Waiting for Christmas

” Which leads to the next great celebration on our calendar — Christmas. Granted, there are several human reasons for the timing of our Thanksgiving observation in the United States, some based in God’s work in American history and some growing out of commercial and financial pressures. But God is always sovereign, working through what look like merely human causes. And so I’m grateful that as we give thanks this last week in November, we’re throwing open the gateway to our celebration in December of Christ’s incarnation.”

3 ways to think biblically about Black Friday

“If we are honest, some of our enthusiasm over Black Friday is owing to our interest in seeing what craziness is out there (or in my husband’s case, his love for a good deal). But the biggest reason we endure the crowds and the crazy is because there is nothing like being able to finish your Christmas shopping before December even arrives.”

How our affections follow our actions

“We’re then told to go about pursuing our desires. We’re encouraged to “do what you love” and live the Burger King “Have It Your Way” lifestyle. And with relationships, we simply need to find the “special someone” with whom we have that perfect chemistry, and if that chemistry is lost or we “fall out of love”, then it’s time to pack up and move on. After all, we can’t control our heart and desires, right?… Jesus’ message is radically opposed to this kind of thinking.

What makes God happy?

“His reasoning was that since all people want to be happy and thirst after it, we should all want to know what it is, where it is to be found, and how it is to be attained. And as God is the only person who has perfect happiness and knows its ingredients, the best way to seek and find it is to contemplate and consider the one who is called “the blessed (or happy) God.”


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