The Early Bird Gets The Link

Good Grief: The gospel, race, and our experiences

If your a believer this is a must read!

Understand this, all of us interpret facts in light of our social experiences.  Even Van Til believed that the Christian and the non-Christian have different ultimate standards, presuppositions that color the interpretation of every fact in every area of life.  Because of the experience of many minorities with racism, when there is a scenario that mirrors and reeks of injustice, there is going to be a sensitivity to how “facts” are handled.

So what should we all do?  Do this: “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God” (Jas 1:19-20 ESV).

What’s the big deal with race?

“As a historian, this truth haunts me. How could so many of my own theological forbears within my own denomination have been so right on biblical authority, the urgency of global missions, the exclusivity of the gospel, and the centrality of the cross, but have been so wrong on the issue of racial justice?”

Why You Should Still Care about Ferguson DESPITE the Facts

” we need to be careful about our discussion of “facts.” Bryan Loritts says, “Facts are a first and last resort in a court of law, but when it comes to human relationships, let us first stop and feel before we go to facts.”
Please do not be one of those people who ignore the hurt. You would not do that in your interpersonal relationships, so don’t do that in our national conversation.”

The Briefing With Albert Mohler

“But the nation as a whole still faces the responsibility to look at the questions of race and the law, of law enforcement injustice, of righteousness and mercy, and the rule of law and to consider a new what must be done in order to make our system of justice even more fair and fair for all.”

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