The Early Bird Gets The Link

A look at defining “missional”

Being missional means spreading the message of reconciliation between God and man through Jesus Christ

Dear Envy, we just can’t quit you

“Paul may not have been familiar with the object of our personal jealousy, but he understood the human heart and its tendency to long for what it does not have—or thinks it does not have.”

C. H. Spurgeon’s excellent and pithy approach to the gospel

Find it hard to share the Gospel? Here is a great approach.
” But recently, in my regular reading of C. H. Spurgeon’s sermons, I have discovered an excellent and pithy approach to the gospel, one that is fully biblical and establishes both man’s universal dilemma and God’s antidote in Christ: Spurgeon’s “Three R’s…”

A Compelling Reason for Rigorous Training of the Mind

“I was reading and meditating on the book of Hebrews recently, when it hit me forcefully that a basic and compelling reason for education—the rigorous training of the mind—is so that a person can read the Bible with understanding.”


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