The Early Bird Gets The Link

Immigration Will Tear Us Apart
“On more than one occasion, I asked President Obama not to turn immigration reform into a red state/blue state issue. People across the political spectrum support fixing this system, and it shouldn’t be a partisan wedge issue. I also asked him not to act unilaterally, but to work for consensus through the legislative process. To his credit, he did just that for a long while, and the Republican Congress took no action. He also told me, and others, that his patience was not endless on this.”

What if John Owen and Joel Osteen debated?
” I would pay good money to watch a debate between John Owen and Joel Osteen. Wouldn’t you? ”

Boys, porn and education
“Pornography is a destroyer of innocence, and the innocence proper to certain years of a boy’s life is an important factor in his education—especially if that education is informed by the classical pedagogies of wonder, imagination, and delight.”

Strategic opportunities God is providing us as Christian parents
“One day there will be no more sporting events to take them to and from. The real question is, while we still have these strategic opportunities, how are we going to leverage them for the glory of Christ in training our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord?”


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