Meditation Monday

It’s been just a little busy at home and church that I have taken a break from the blog, but I am back with Meditation Monday, where I post some meditations from the sermons that were preached at Watson Chapel Baptist Church

Yesterday’s sermons were powerful at Watson Chapel Baptist Church. In the morning we learned of the love that Paul had for the Corinthians.  A love that spoke the truth to them, a love that just didn’t drop them by the wayside. Paul genuinely loved the Corinthians and desired for them to live a life worthy of the calling. When I think about Paul I examine my own heart. Do I feel the way Paul did about my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? Examine your heart too.

In our evening service we were in Genesis 3 learning about the curses God placed on Adam and Eve for their disobedience. We see a picture of Judgement and Grace. A God who punishes sin and the same God who will provide a way for forgiveness of sins. He is such an awesome God.

But one thing that Pastor Todd said has been brewing in my mind is when he talked about why God cursed women with pain in child birth. He said “one possible explanation God cursed the women with pain in child birth is because of the pain it was going to cost God to birth spiritual children.” Meditate on this today. We serve a gracious God who would send His own Son to die for us.

Soli Deo Gloria


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