Book Review: Biblical Portraits of Creation


Biblical Portraits of Creation Walter C. Kaiser, Dorington G. Little Weaver Book Company 2014 164 Pages Paperback

When people hear about a new book on creation, most will automatically think it has to do with an apologetic for creationism. Honestly, who can blame them, the Christian community is busy defending creationism in our skeptical world. I am glad there are great tools on how to defend the creationist position. But what exactly is the creationist position? What kind of claims does the Bible make about the Creator and creation? If you are not exactly sure or you want to read an excellent book that will lead you in the right directions Biblical Portraits of Creation is a must read.

Kaiser and Little do a thorough and excellent job exegeting the Biblical passages concerning creation and delivering to us in a readable and understandable way. Each chapter was constructed and delivered as sermons given to us in book form to learn from. The wealth and depth of knowledge of Ancient Near Eastern history and the Biblical Languages is worth buying the book.

Kaiser and Little also do an excellent job weaving the Old Testament into the New Testament. We learn that the Creator, through Christ, is making new beginnings and new creations. God is taking fallen and dead creatures and making them alive In Christ. Finally, how can we talk about creation without mentioning the new heavens and earth.
This book is packed with treasure from beginning to end. I highly recommend it.


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