Meditation Monday: The First Mission Trip


This weekend we had a guest speaker from the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. David James is the team leader over the Collegiate Ministry in Arkansas and shared with us from Acts 1:1-8.

The First Mission Trip

What was the first Christian mission trip? I must say it is always nice to be reminded of the Gospel. Jesus leaving the glories of heaven to live a life that we couldn’t and die in our place to provide life for dead sinners like me. Jesus left heaven on the first Gospel of Grace mission trip to “seek and the save the lost”. Let this truth sit in your heart and mind for a minute…

Leaving Comforts

Jesus left the comforts of heaven. Now we cannot even begin to understand what this means. We get glimpses into heaven from the Scriptures, but we still cannot begin to understand the glories of heaven that Jesus left to live a life on earth. He not only came to live on this earth, but he lived a humble life. He wasn’t rich with money and servants. His life-focus was to complete the mission the Father sent Him on. He lived life on earth as a servant and suffered a criminals death, leaving the comforts of heaven. Amazing Grace indeed!


Jesus not only left the comforts of heaven but he was forsaken. Jesus was forsaken by his followers. His followers jumped ship when the hammer dropped and Jesus was arrested. Jesus experienced loneliness. Jesus was not only forsaken by his followers, but as He was bearing our sin on the cross the most perplexing words ever spoken came forth “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” In some way or another Jesus experienced a lack of presence from the Father. What this means and how this happened is beyond our understanding, but Jesus experienced the height of forsakeness so that we wouldn’t have to. Amazing Grace Indeed!

The Mission Reloaded

After the Resurrection, Jesus was among His followers and He gave them a mission. His followers are commissioned to be His witnesses in this world. We should always be on a mission trip. Now i don’t mean you should be boarding a plane to go to different countries, although international missions is one way we fulfill His mission. But our life is a mission trip, the mission doesn’t stop when you depart the plane, leave the church or go off to work. When our life is on mission we are constantly being sensitive to God’s Spirit and working around us and looking for opportunities to share the message of the Gospel to this lost and dying world. Jesus left the comforts of heaven and experienced a level of forsakeness that we can’t even imagine, completed His mission and is now gathering a people for Himself. Jesus then commissions His people to live your life like you are on a mission trip on this earth. Amazing Grace Indeed!

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