Allowing God to Redirect Your Adventure

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Paul’s plan was to go back to the churches they had planted on the 1st missionary journey and strengthen the brethren. His great desire to check back on these early converts was natural and understandable. In essence, these were his spiritual children. Children are meant to be birthed into this world with much love. But every mother that has every experienced natural childbirth knows, this love relationship carries a high price of labor, blood, sweat and tears – literally. The same can be said of Paul’s sacrifice spent to birth these early Christians – literally. Travel during this time wasn’t like it is today. You simply didn’t hop in a plane and strap in. It was arduous and physically exhausting. Most of it spent sailing and walking with many perils along the way. Paul put it this way: “.. .in toil and hardship, through many a sleepless night, in hunger…

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