Meditation Monday: Jars of Clay


On Sunday we were back in 2 Corinthians, specifically in 4:7-15.

Great passage of Scripture to meditate on. There is so much to unpack. For me, what continues to come to mind is Paul calling believers “jars of clay.” These jars of clay were nothing to brag about. They were not finely made chest, they were jars made of clay. But what is a jar made for?

In my house jars are made to contain stuff. They are for storage. The jars can contain anything from my wife’s valuable enchilada sauce or the leftovers in the back of the fridge the kids forgot to get rid of. Basically, jars are containers. Now get ready, because Paul calls Christians jars of clay which contain a treasure. As jars of clay we do not hold the rotten leftovers in the back of the fridge, we contain the glorious treasure of Jesus and the Gospel.

Jars are not only used as containers,  they are also used as transporters. We use jars to safely transport stuff one place to another. So not only are believers containers of Jesus and the Gospel, believers should be transporters of Jesus and the Gospel.

All For The Glory of God

As Christians we need to realize the treasure and mission Christ has blessed us with and called us to. We are to be containers and transporters of the Gospel in this world. The Gospel is the hope of the world and we are the jars of clay who contain and transport the message of the kingdom.


God uses plain jars of clay to house the most valuable message, in order that, God’s glory and surpassing power can be on display. It’s all about Him, God uses us not because we are so great but because He is so great. Praise God for this wonderful privilege and grace to be containers and transporters of the Gospel to the world.

Until next time
Soli Deo Gloria

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