Come and See

Come and see, those are some interesting words. We use them to incite intrest in others to come, look or experience something that is happening or has happened that is worth watching. Come and see this video. Come and see this sports play. Come and see this or that.

Here is my question, have we reduced our evangelism to come and see my church?

Come and see our great musicians. Come and see our great programs. Come and see our great communicator. Come and see our great facilities. Come and see… You get the point.

In John 1 we read about a couple of John the Baptist’s disciples leaving him to follow Jesus. They wanted to know where Jesus was staying, Jesus said “come and see” and they spent time together. Later on in the same chapter Andrew starts following Jesus and goes to grab his brother Peter saying “come and see, I found the Messiah.” So we see in Scripture that the come and see approach is used. What can we glean from the way Jesus and Andrew used “come and see” compared to the way we do?

We underestimate the power of presence.  When I read the Gospels I see that Jesus was among the people. Most of his time was spent serving the people. He didn’t put up a tent and wait around for people to come to Him. He went to the people to seek and save the lost. Jesus loved the lost, He spent time around the people, He engaged them in their neighborhood on their turf. When we have presence it shows we care about not only the stuff that happens at our church address, it shows we care about people. When we have presence people are more willing to respond to the invitation to come and see.

Seeker – Sensitive
Now before you label me a heretic or one of those guys, let me explain to you where I am coming from. By seeker sensitive I mean we need to make our hearts sensitive to seeking the lost. We should be the ones doing the seeking in this world. Our mission is the same as Christ to seek out the lost, proclaim the Gospel, so they may be saved. Sometimes we get too caught up in the routine of church life we forget our mission. In John 1, Andrew is the one seeking out His brother Peter to tell him, we found the Messiah. Peter isn’t the seeker here, Andrew is. Another interesting element to point out is the Bible says “first he found Peter,” which implies he didn’t stop with Peter. Andrew continued seeking out people to proclaim the Gospel and bring them to Jesus. Our hearts must be sensitive to seeking out the lost because at one time we were part of the family of lostness, but someone was sensitive enough to seek us out and share the Gospel. We must do the same.

All About Jesus
What we see very clearly in John 1 is everything must center around Jesus and the Gospel. Our presence, seeking and our invitation to come and see is all pointless if we never get to Jesus and the Gospel.  Everything we do, even the motivation for doing, must be about Jesus and His glory. All our church music, programs, communicators must be about Jesus or all we have is a social club. When John’s disciples left, they left because it was all about Jesus. When Andrew brought Peter it was all about Jesus.

In the book of Acts when the Gospel spread like wild fire it was because they had presence, they went to the people they didn’t wait for the people to show up. Their hearts were sensitive to seeking the lost. Most important is, it was all about Jesus. May we do the same.

Until next time
Soli Deo Gloria


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