Follow Me: Faithweek Night 2

Faithweek has been great thus far. God has been speaking to us through His Word and worship. If you have never been here it is a powerful time of rescue, restoration and renewal. I will try and sum up day two but it is hard to do because we have 4 different bible studies/services.

Follow Me

The theme for Faithweek is #Follow. In the youth Bible studies they went over when Jesus called the disciples and the two powerful words he used “follow me”. The youth learned about the response of the disciples of leaving everything they knew to follow Jesus. If you think about it there is some powerful things happening. Jesus didn’t come along and give them a three point business plan, He used 2 simple words follow me. Let that saturate in your mind and heart. Follow me.

In our morning service we went deeper on what follow me looks like. To sum up what Jesus command to follow me looks like I will use four words from one of the passages we looked at.

In order to obey the command to follow we have to respond to the invitation, follow me. We have to come in faith and repentance and accept the invitation of the Master. We are coming to a person, that person is the Jesus of Scripture.

When we come we are to deny ourselves. Like the disciples who forsook everything to follow Christ we are to do the same. We are not suppose to try and fit Jesus into our world. We are to forsake our little world for the kingdom of heaven. Easy to say and write hard to do but His promise is He will help you.

Taking Up
Take up the cross of Christ. His word, His anthem, His banner, His truth, His life everything must become ours. As believers we are transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. When we deny, we are throwing off the works of the kingdom of darkness. When we take up we are replacing what we are denying with Christ and his kingdom of light. We are taking up His commands and living a life of self denial to do the will of Christ.

Follow Me
We looked at coming, denying, and taking. When we do all those daily we are following. Jesus said my yoke is easy my burden is light. I think the problem is we look at the commands and we think they are burdensome. The Christian life was never intended to be lived on your own. Christ promised His Spirit to help us and he gave His church to help us. Come, deny, take up and follow me.

By the evening service we had a sea of kids God was dealing with that responded in an altar call before the message even started. God moved in the hearts of many kids, from all churches last night.

I haven’t even touched the evening message and adult Bible Study. God is moving. Pray for us.

Some quotes from Brad’s Sermons

“Jesus did not come to bless your busyness. He came to give you an assignment.”

“Deny yourself give me everything you have and I will put it to death and I will resurrect in you new life”

“You know what’s the sad thing about the things of God. We miss them because of the things of us.”

“The same Jesus that said follow me to them is saying follow me to us”

“SMILE, we have a redeemer”


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