Coram Deo: Faithweek Night 1

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! (Psalms 133:1)

We had an awesome time of corporate worship and the word. It is always great to come back to Faithweek and fellowship and worship with God’s people.

Coram Deo

If I were to sum up last night’s message in two words, the two I would use is coram deo. Coram Deo means before the face of God. The concept that it is teaching us is we should live our whole life before the presence of God, under His authority and for His glory.

Last night’s sermon, from Brad Fogarty began with a question,

What keeps you from getting before the presence of God at home?

Many would think of that question and their mind wanders to praying and reading the Bible. When I heard this question I immediately thought of,

What keeps me from coram deo at home?

Ask yourself this question…

The answer could be enlightening because it could reveal a divided heart. A heart that is trying to serve two masters or more. A heart that is searching for life, peace, hope and satisfaction that only God can provide. Sometimes what keeps you from coram deo could be sins and addictions. Sometimes they could be as Mark Driscoll puts it,

good things that we turn into god things, which makes it a bad thing

It all comes back to your heart. What does your heart desire. We know that because we are diseased with a sin sickness our heart can still desire sinful things and can take good things and make them into god things. But for the believer there is a hope.

In Galatians 5 Paul contrast living by the Spirit with living in the flesh. Paul even gives us a list on what it looks like to live in these two domains. Not only does he give a list, Paul says it will be “evident”, in other words it will be noticeable which domain you live in. Take a look at the list, which does your life reflect?

It all comes back to Coram Deo. Our lives were always intended to live in the presence of God. Our lives were intended to be in communion with God. Since the fall, the believer has a sinful nature that is at war with the Spirit. So how do we overcome the sinful desires of the flesh? You have to live Coram Deo. Think about if you live your life as you are in His presence 24 hours a day would we want to gratify our sinful desires? We would want to feed our spirit with prayer, the Word, fellowship and works of rightousness. You know what the awesome thing is, God says here is my Spirit, He will help you live this way. Amazing Grace!

Here are some quotes from last nights sermon by Brad Fogarty.

Your addictions (or whatever your struggle) are lesser than HIM.

Your sin may feel good. But your feelings are stealing the opportunity for you to live life abundantly.

Some of you ask “how far is too far?” That thought right there says you are not following after the Spirit.

A serpent came to Adam and Eve and told them they needed more than His presence.


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