The NBA, Sterling, Race and Gay Marriage?

Yesterday NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver delivered a much needed decision against LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for racial comments he made. I whole heartedly agree with this decision, there is no room for racism in our communities, churches, states or nation. Furthermore, we should not tolerate it in the public square and although the comments were made in private, it is foolish to think his beliefs and views don’t seep into his public life.

With that being said, as I was listening to the decision come across the air waves I immediately thought “could this happen to an owner who is a proponent of traditional marriage?” Now if an owner made bigoted and hateful remarks about the LGBT community like Sterling did with race then yes. But if an owner treats all people with respect, but because of his Christian faith is proponent of traditional marriage and therefore against gay marriage, would that be enough to strip an owner of his team? Furthermore should holding to a Biblical view of marriage be considered on the same level as Sterling’s comments?

Why even bring this up? Dr. Russell Moore makes a great point in his article Same-Sex Marriage and the Future,

Above all, we must prepare people for what the future holds, when Christian beliefs about marriage and sexuality aren’t part of the cultural consensus but are seen to be strange and freakish and even subversive

As Christians we need to be prepared to answer these sort of questions not because they are coming, but because they are here now.

As this topic marinated in my mind for the rest of the afternoon and again this morning. I was reminded as I was listening to the sports radio show “The Herd” hosted by Colin Cowherd that such an owner does exist. Rich DeVos, owner of the Orlando Magic is a Christian and a proponent of traditional marriage. As Colin pointed out, it well be interesting to see how far the NBA will go with this. I too think it will be interesting how something like this plays out. The culture and society we live in, is increasingly pushing for the acceptance of gay marriage. We have already seen Mozilla let go of their CEO for supporting traditional marriage, could the same happen to an owner of a sports franchise? What do you think?


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