A Trip Down Memory Lane Part 1 Jude 5-10

Just thought I repost part 1 part 2 coming next week.



Do you like history? I must be completely honest with you, besides Biblical history, I am not much of a history buff. I have to force myself to read history and the reason I do is because history can be a great teacher. Jude takes his readers on a history lesson of Israel’s infamous apostates and then compares them to false teachers by using the term “these people.” This section of scripture is only eleven verses, but it is jam packed with Old Testament examples that the readers are expected to draw certain conclusion from.

Remember When…

Jude starts off this section with “now I want to remind you, although you once fully knew it.” Sounds like Jude is using a little sarcasm here, “church, we’ve be down this road before, remember! But just in case you forgot let me give you some reminders.”

We can also make a valid…

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