Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something!

Here is the 4th post in Jude series. 5th post coming tomorrow.



Have you ever been involved in one if those peculiar situations? You know the one I am talking about, where one person or group is the victim of a wrongdoing but everyone just sits and watches. You know what is happening is wrong but for some reason you just sit and watch and don’t get involved. Your conscious may be screaming “don’t just sit there, do something!”

The situation that is happening to the group of believers that Jude is writing to is that some “people have crept in unnoticed.” These people slithered their way into the Church, maybe into positions of leadership, teachers or deacons. Jude is interesting here, because he tells us very little on what these false teachers are teaching. He doesn’t give us a point for point rebuttal of their errors. What the rest of the book of Jude informs us about is the character behind…

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