Just who is Jude?

Here is the 3rd post in Jude series. The 5th is coming 2/21. God bless!



Do you remember the TV show Lost? I was a huge fan of the show. There were certain episodes that would start at the end of the story and work their way to the beginning. I feel I kind of did that here with Jude’s introduction. I started in the middle with Beloved, Called and Kept. Then moved on to Jude’s prayer of blessing for mercy, peace and love. Now let’s try and discover just who the author of Jude is.

Jude is short for Judas or Judah, which was a common name in that era. So it shouldn’t surprise us that there is more than one Judas mentioned in scripture. There is the infamous Judas Iscariot, the apostle that betrayed Jesus (Matt. 10:4). We know he didn’t write Jude because he committed suicide soon after his betrayal of Jesus (Matt. 27). There was another Apostle named Thaddeus (Matt. 10:4…

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