Blessings Multiplied to You

Yesterday, I posted the first post in the Jude series. Here is the second. The fifth to come on 2/21, sorry for the misprint yesterday.


Last week, we took some time and looked at how Jude opened his book. Specifically looking at how he described the believers he was writing to, The Called, Beloved and Kept. This week we are going to look at his prayer for them. But before we do let’s look at some background information.

In this digital age we don’t write letters very often because we live in an age where texting, tweeting, Facebook and email rule. However, I remember when I was in grade school, probably around the fourth or fifth grade, we learned how to write a letter. Every letter we wrote had to contain certain elements like an introduction and greeting, next the body of the letter, which would contain the purpose of the letter. Finally we would end it with a final goodbye, like sincerely a comma and then your signature.

The authors of the New Testament…

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