Called… Beloved… Kept…

When I wrote this blog post I never intended to do a series in Jude, but in my personal study Jude has enriched my life so much I continued with it. I have written 3 posts that cover 4 verses. I have been feasting on the rest of Jude and ready to write my next posts on verses 5-16, which will be divided in 3 posts. But before I do I want to remind everyone that has been following were we have been so here is the first post.


When I was younger, in my teens and early twenties, when I would buy a book I would skip the forward and introduction and go straight to the meat of the book. Until one day, my lovely wife, asked me “why do you do that?” I told her “I bought the book for what’s in the chapters not the introduction.” So that day we sat and read the forward and introduction of the book and I was shocked, there was so much good information and material in there that I regretted not reading introductions sooner.

Sometimes the way we treat the greetings sections in the epistles, is the way I treated introductions and forwards in books, just blow right by them without giving them a second thought. Oh what a mistake we make when we do this, especially when we believe in the verbal (every word) plenary (fully authoritative) inspiration…

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