Spoken Word/Poem by Abigail Priscilla Aguilar

I am a proud Papa, going to brag on my daughter today. She noticed people talking in church, while the sermon was going on in youth group and Sunday services and she wrote this and spoke it yesterday at youth group.

Don’t grow dull to God’s Word
Don’t give up on the lessons that we’ve heard
Every trip that we go on
God is not done
He wants us to move on
From everlasting to everlasting and keep going to the great beyond
When we stumble and fall
He doesn’t want us to stop or stall
He wants us to recall His Word that He is our all in all
He wants us to know all our failures are lessons and all our seasons sessions

Don’t grow dull to God’s presence
Jesus came not only to live, die and rise again
So that we can go to heaven
But to live and move and be with Him and this is our present
This is a free gift God has sent us not to lose it or abuse it but to use it
So when we talk during service we spit on His act of love that He sent through His Son

What are we doing?
What are we losing?
When we chat with our neighbor we could be taking away the free gift of the Savior
You’re not only causing separation but depravation of our Lord God our Creator

When we die and go to judgement we cannot lie
When God asks us “why didn’t you live for me?”
What are you going to say that you never learned from me, that you never heard from me
And He will say “I put you in the right place at the right time so that you can live with me, follow me, know me throughout all eternity
Why didn’t you believe?
Why didn’t you move past your pride and break down at my side?
I laid down my life and died
I was crucified and all you can do is talk
How dare you mock me and take away the gift I gave freely”

But this not the end
We still have a chance to change and rearrange our stance
God’s presence is ALWAYS around us
If only we can believe and trust He promised to never leave us
So now when you sit through service
No more chatting or talking because you’re only mocking His Presence


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