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Points to think about before sharing the Gospel with your gay friend.
“For many of my Christian friends who love Jesus and struggle with same-sex attraction, the beauty of the gospel is that it addresses every area of their life, not just one expression of the fall.”

Recently there was an opinion article in the USA Today stating Evolution is not a matter of belief but a “settled science.” Albert Mohler has an excellent reply Evolution Is Most Certainly a Matter of Belief—and so Is Christianity.

Reflections on serving in church
” Servanthood is uncomfortable. It requires putting your own needs aside for someone else. It’s humbling, thankless, and hard. Not only is it hard, but the act of serving can also inconvenience and interrupt our own purposes and plans.”

What are you confessing with your clothing?
“Clothes were part of the wrath of God against our rebellion. They are a loud stamp of disapproval upon a disobedient people — people who before had been pure, innocent, shameless, and naked. There was no need or purpose for Gap or Old Navy prior to the fall, but now we wear clothes at all times — fall, winter, spring, and summer.”


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