New Identity Spoken Word/ Poem by Joshua Aguilar

Here we stand God in your presence again
Our heart so corrupted with this disease called sin
Our love for the world and our love for our sin
Overcomes the love that we have for Him
Why Lord have we failed again?

Satan the great deceiver, like a jedi,plays mind tricks on us
that put to shame Darth Vader
The pressures of the world make us feel like a failure
Our own sin nature, the flesh tells us to give up
because you can’t please the Great God and Savior

Our enemies surround us to claim victory
the world, the flesh and Satan our adversary
The enemies without and the enemy within
all cry out give up there is no victory over sin

I come here to tell you do not be deceived
through the death of one man His blood shed on a tree
Jesus the Christ he died for you and died for me
It is In Him we find the victory

Over 2000 years ago He shed his blood on the cross
The world and the devil celebrated
But to his followers it seemed to be a great loss
But 3 days later… 3days later!
The stone was rolled away
and out of the grave walked Jesus my Lord and Savior
and he showed the world the flesh and devil whose boss!

This is the good news of the Gospel and it brings eternal life

For those that don’t know him
Jesus is now drawing
His Spirit invades your life and makes you able to accept this calling
To accept this call just believe and receive him
and turn from your sin
you will be transferred from the kingdom of hell
into the kingdom of heaven
it is not by any work that u get in
solely by God’s grace are you born again

For those Christians who have received Him
and struggle with sin
The good news of the Gospel doesn’t stop
after you received the invitation
The power of the Gospel that transfers you
from the kingdom of hell to the kingdom of heaven
is the same power that sustains you till the end.

The problem I perceive
in this relationship between God and me
Is we lack the intimacy
Church pray and pick up the Word
And you will discover you are
In Christ
it is your New Identity.

You may think, “I don’t know where to start”
Turn your Bible to Ephesians ask
God to enlighten your heart
His Gracious blessings are rich and He freely imparts
Once you were filthy in your sin,
but now you are a saint made Holy in Him
Before the world began, He called you son, predestined for adoption
You are welcomed in the beloved
because you are redeemed by his blood
forgiven from all sin, no longer bankrupt
because I have an inheritance in him
let me tell you, this is who you are In Christ, this I guarantee
because you have been sealed by His Spirit for all eternity.
I tell you Ephesians isn’t done
Keep reading that was just chapter one!

Today as we celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection
If you call yourself Christian, do not dishonor him
by going back and living in that filthy pig pen of sin
Look through the eyes of your Heavenly Father
He has placed a New Identity on you he is the Author.
With this New Identity in Christ
and Resurrection power infused by His Spirit
Go out in the world and just live it!


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