Incline, Come, Hear — Isaiah 55:3

What is our posture before the Lord? The Lord calls us to “incline”. This word gives a picture of some one listening intently to the Word of Life. To have a posture of inclining means that we are in the Word and listening to the voice of the Spirit speaking through that Word. To have an inclining posture means that we do not have a casual attitude concerning God’s words, but one of passion and desire to squeeze every single drop out of it that we can.

Another posture is “Come”. The Lord is calling us to have such a dependence on Him that we do not go days without coming to Him. That we crave an intimacy with God because we recognize that in Him we find satisfaction for our thirst. In him our hunger quenches because He is the Bread of Life. God wants to hear from us daily.

Finally we need to have a posture of “hear”. God wants us to have a listening posture. When the Bible talks about listening or hearing it really has a dual meaning. The first is that we are to hear the Words of God. How else would we know them if we do not hear them or read them. The other meaning that is implied is that when we hear the Words of God we are to obey them. To hear God requires us to listen and obey! It is not enough to know the Word of God, we have to obey it and live it out.

In this verse God is saying incline, come and hear. Why? As those who live after Christ we have the benefit of understanding why. God is the Great Promise Keeper. He made a promise to David that someone from his line would rule an everlasting kingdom. That promise is fulfilled in Christ and not only that, God makes an everlasting covenant and invites us to be a part of this covenant. His promise is Incline, Come, and Hear so “that your soul may live”.


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