FAITHWEEK 2012 day 4

Here is some more from faithweek 2012 Isaiah 55:2

Why? Why do we forfeit our blessings in Christ for the pleasures of this world? Why do we spend our time, talent & treasures on things of this world? Too much of the time we focus our resources and spend our time on is on that which doesn’t satisfy.

That is the core of idolatry! Trying to satisfy ourselves with the stuff of this world rather than God. That which you seek after to satisfy yourself with is what you become. TV, video games, work, boyfriend/girlfriend, music we listen to. All these things influence our thought patterns. What you spend the most of your time, talent, and treasure with is what you become. God is saying LISTEN TO ME!

LISTEN and COME! Only I can give what satisfies you. Why do you eat with the pigs when you can feast at my Fathers table? Come and eat and be satisfied. Come and eat My Words and be filled with My Spirit and be satisfied.


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