I have been at youth camp with my kids and Watson Chapel Baptist Church. It has been awesome. God has been speaking to me through Isaiah 55″Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.”

This is a little bit of what He has impressed on my heart.

God’s invitation is come! All you who thirst, those exhausted from running your own lives. Come and be renewed Come and drink!

Come all those who are morally and spiritually bankrupt. Those who are poor and have nothing to give. Come all who are poor in spirit for the kingdom of heaven is yours!

Come! Drink my wine and milk. Wine and milk was a sign of riches or prosperity. Come and trade your bankrupt life for the riches of the grace of Christ. What are the riches of Christ. Being chosen by Him in LOVE before the world was created. Being adopted into His family. Redemption from our enslaved lives. Forgiveness of our sin stained souls. Made holy before God. The grace of God lavished on us because it pleases Him, brings Him glory and because He loves us. The mark of God is on and in you through the promised Holy Spirit. The power of the Resurrected Christ in you. Eph 1

Come and drink!

To stay in your bondage, to stay in your thirsty condition because it is hard to overcome, or because “I can’t” or because of your friends or philosophy of life. On your own you can’t but God says come, He is screaming come and drink. He is screaming i will be your overcomer, He is screaming I CAN, He is proclaiming I will be your friend, and he is saying “let My Word be what runs your life. Freedom is found IN CHRIST and the power that is available to you to overcome ANYTHING, if you come and drink.


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