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Princes Are Not Redeemers — Politics in Perspective
Even in a free nation, such as America, we still find ourselves being promised the world through politics. Crooked politicians (and yes, most of them are crooked) continue to compete for votes, and often they lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top. Beware of putting your trust in politicians. The answer for America, and our world, is not found in politics, it’s something far greater. Keith Mathison writes, “Because our citizenship is in heaven, our hopes do not ride on earthly election results. We do not hope in candidates with ‘Messiah complexes.’” [2]

Hearts in Heaven

Those who live with this heavenly perspective discover abundant life as God intended it here on earth. Ironically, those who pursue earthly comforts are really the most uncomfortable people on earth.

How Scripture’s Authority Shapes What We Do On Sunday Morning

What we consistently see is there are faithful ways to worship God and unfaithful ways to attempt to worship God. How are we to know the difference? How could we obey, unless we’re told how? How could we abstain, unless we are warned?

Christians and Election 2016

Some thoughts from Dr. Moore after the debate. 

“But What If We’re Wrong?” Wondering How the Future Will Judge Us

“Take up and read.”

That’s the advice I received from a good pastor friend regarding the books of Chuck Klosterman, one of the finest pop-culture observers and thinkers of our day. And anytime a pastor uses the conversion story of Augustine to convince me to pick up a book, well, it’s hard to resist.

Leadership Lessons From Thursday Night Football


“There is no way they will win” was the overwhelming narrative of last weeks Thursday night game between the Patriots and the Houston Texans. The starting quarterback (QB from now on) is on a four game suspension by the NFL, the backup QB injured his throwing shoulder 4 days earlier and the third string QB, Jacoby Brissett, is an unknown, or is he? The nation sat back in their Lazy Boy chairs waiting to see a collapse, football fans turned their attention to Thursday night football to see “Humpty Dumpty have a great fall”, I must admit, as a Raider fan I was. Instead, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots won 27-0 and provided us with valuable leadership lessons.

Lesson # 1: Play To Your Strengths 

Too often when a QB goes down teams put in their backups and expect them to play like the starter instead of playing to the strengths of the backup. The Patriots do this well and almost at all positions of the football field. They didn’t expect Jacoby Brissett to go out on the field and play like Tom Brady. Instead the Patriots adjusted their game plan to the strengths of Jacoby Brissett and the rest of the team, they didn’t throw everything on his shoulders.

Sometimes as leaders we try to do it all instead of leading from our strengths. Leaders must lead from their strengths, recognize their weaknesses  and recruit others who are strong where the leader is weak.

Lesson # 2: Make Sure Everyone Knows Their Role

When I watch the Patriots, it seems to me, that everyone has a designed role. From coach to player, everyone knows their role in the organization and each person  performs to the best of their ability to accomplish that role. A bad example of this is the USC Trojans who sent out 8 men on the field when there should be 11. When everyone knows their role and has an assignment on a team, value is placed on each member. When people feel valuable, a part of the vision and mission of the team and believe “without me fulfilling my role we will fail” you are on your way to a successful culture.   Do you think Jacoby Brissett felt valuable week 1? I can almost guarantee you, as an outsider looking in, those coaches coached value to Jacoby Brissett

Lesson #3 Know Your Weaknesses

I don’t know if you watched the game, but the Patriots didn’t go out there and treat Jacoby Brissett like Tom Brady in his first start. They knew if they did that they would fail. The coaching staff of the Patriots developed a game plan for Jacoby Brissett taking into account his strengths and weaknesses. They seem to do this at every position and adjust gameplans to account for their weaknesses game to game.

Knowing your weaknesses is as valuable, if not more, as knowing your strengths because when you know your weaknesses you can develop safeguards and systems to help prevent you from being the cause of your own demise. 

Lesson #4 Create And Recruit To Your Culture

The Patriots have a certain culture and they recruit to that culture. Just ask yourself, if you are a football fan, have you ever heard of Jacoby Brissett? The Patriots recruit players who they believe fit their culture of hard work, team mentality, everyone knows their role and does their part culture. When Jacoby Brissett scored his first touchdown, he didn’t do a dance, celebrate in the endzone or spike the ball. He walked to the sideline and handed the ball to Coach Belichick, who does that? Patriots do. In the end what does Belichick do? Gives the ball back. Who does that? Patriots do. In the end Belichick praises Jacoby Brissett for being a guy that fits in their culture, but I am pretty sure they knew that when they recruited him.

Leaders create a servant leadership culture and recruit others who fit the mold.

Until Next Time

Soli Deo Gloria



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How to Help Our Daughters To Be Sexually Pure
So how in the world is thanksgiving the antidote to sexual immorality?

A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest

This is looks like a good book, adding it to my reading list. 

Is there a need for “sexual orientation and gender identity” laws?

According to the article, there is no evidence of systemic discrimination against gay or transgender persons. These laws then have the effect of coercing people who hold traditional views to violate their conscience.

5 Helpful Questions When Attempthing to Discern God’s Will

It seems easier for me when I have some sort of structure through which to process a decision. Years ago I began to ask myself questions when facing major options in my life.

5 Qualities to Seek in the Heart of a Leader

The heart of a leader is more important than any other characteristic.

The Early Bird Gets The Link

Hope y’all survived last nights debate. Much was said but nothing new. Here are some good reads for your day.

The Three Most Common Sentences of Dying Churches

If churches could speak, what would their words be on their deathbeds?

For the Bible Tells Me So: Biblical Authority Denied … Again

Evangelical Christianity has a big problem, says Andy Stanley, and that problem is a reliance on the Bible that is both unwarranted and unhelpful. 

3 Types of Codependency

This is very helpful.

Jesus’ Work of Redemption

What does redemption mean? 

A Conversation with Emily Thomes

Today, I’m publishing an interview with Emily Thomes (@Emilysatt19), a young Christian lady who once identified as a homosexual. I initially met Emily at a recent G3 Conference, and since then she has been actively speaking out about her former sin struggles and her new life in Christ and as a wife to her husband Benjamin.

The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Hope you had a. Leased weekend. Here are some worth while articles, videos and audio clips.

Andrew Fuller on Humanity’s Ultimate Desires

I enjoy when the David Prince site posts these thoughts from Andrew Fuller.

The Real Focus of Successful Leaders

Control, for the most part, is illusion.

What happens when you try to control something outside your control?
How Not to Become a Christian Chihuahua

So, the questions I have for myself are simply these: Am I the Chihuahua in the room? Am I the kind of person who arrogantly thinks he has all the answers? Do I selectively cloister myself with like-minded believers? Do I obnoxiously defend what I believe with ruthless animosity? Am I more of a nuisance than a blessing? Have I elevated my pet theological positions to the level of essential Christian doctrine, even when they are non-essential issues?

No Place Like Home

While we need to be good stewards of the health the Lord has given us, we must remember that the “buildings” we currently occupy were not built to last forever. An important part of cultivating a heavenly perspective is looking forward to the physical realities of heaven.

What Is God Doing in My Pain?

Many of you have been in situations where you look at something in your life and wonder, “Is God even aware? What could he possibly be up to right now?” Maybe your circumstances are so dismal that you aren’t even sure there is a God. You’re in pain, you can’t see the end of it, and you can’t see any purpose in it.

What Type of Steward of God’s Word Are You?

It’s Monday morning and I’m slowly recovering from Sunday. I take a brief look at the text for the upcoming Sunday. What I say to myself in that moment will determine what type of steward I am of God’s Word. There are two types of stewards in the Bible. When we consider handling the Bible, only one of these types of stewards is faithful to the master.

Help Me Teach 2 Samuel

I just listened to Nancy Guthrie’s podcast Help Me Teach The Bible with John Woodhouse. If you plan to teach through 2 Samuel or just want a deeper understanding of key themes, this podcast episode is a must listen. 

Some of the key questions:

How does 2 Samuel fit in Biblical Theology?

What are the key themes? 

How do we see Christ throughout 2 Samuel?

Until Next Time 

Soli Deo Gloria

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A Heavenly Worldview

In other words, we don’t seek to escape this life by dreaming of heaven. But we do find we can endure this life because of the certainty of heaven.

A Lesson from Martin Luther to Modern Day Reformers

This might have the right doctrine and biblical practices at the heart of it, but that kind of how-to attitude is destructive. Many young pastors burn with a desire to see reform, but how they go about it can be devastating.

the Making of a Celebrity Pastor

The local church calls men to the ministry. The local church equips men for the ministry. We must stop this process where individuals steeped in a “be an epic difference maker” culture are the deciding factors as to whether or not they are called into ministry.

The Attraction of Idolatry

We know as Christians, on an intellectual level, that we have idols—be it family, food, football or whatever. But to see the allure of idolatry can be hard for those of us in the Western world.

5 Things Not to Trust in Your Preaching

But the one thing we must not do is trust after-sermon comments as a final measure of how faithful or effective our preaching is. We don’t (or shouldn’t!) preach for an “Amen.” We don’t (or shouldn’t!) preach in the fear of man. We don’t (or shouldn’t!) begin to think those few comments (and they are few) represent the entirety of the church or the entirety of God’s work. The Master works his plan well beyond the sight of men. So we shouldn’t finally trust the comments of our people, or even our own assessments.