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Immigration Will Tear Us Apart
“On more than one occasion, I asked President Obama not to turn immigration reform into a red state/blue state issue. People across the political spectrum support fixing this system, and it shouldn’t be a partisan wedge issue. I also asked him not to act unilaterally, but to work for consensus through the legislative process. To his credit, he did just that for a long while, and the Republican Congress took no action. He also told me, and others, that his patience was not endless on this.”

What if John Owen and Joel Osteen debated?
” I would pay good money to watch a debate between John Owen and Joel Osteen. Wouldn’t you? “

Boys, porn and education
“Pornography is a destroyer of innocence, and the innocence proper to certain years of a boy’s life is an important factor in his education—especially if that education is informed by the classical pedagogies of wonder, imagination, and delight.”

Strategic opportunities God is providing us as Christian parents
“One day there will be no more sporting events to take them to and from. The real question is, while we still have these strategic opportunities, how are we going to leverage them for the glory of Christ in training our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord?”

The Early Bird Gets The Link

What do US pastors think about immigration issues?
With political tensions over immigration rapidly rising, recent research offers an update on what Protestant pastors think about the issue.

Will we remember our earthly lives when we are in heaven?
“According to author Randy Alcorn, in his book Heaven, we surely will. Alcorn starts building his case from the contents of Rev 6.”

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month
“How can I love my neighbor with dementia? 
We can start by learning about Alzheimer’s disease and build upon that by living out the gospel in their care.  Here are 10 things to remember about Alzheimer’s and caregiving.”

Is saying God always existed a cop out?
“How can we say that the answer, “the chemicals were always there,” isn’t a suitable answer if we say the same thing about our God?” A great question with a great response.

The Early Bird Gets The Link

Why is the New Testament in Greek?
Great look into history.

The Christian and Optimism
“We’re promised turmoil, suffering, cross-bearing pain. So why should Christians be optimistic?”

16 Things God Says To You In One Of The Best Chapters In The Bible.
“John Piper says that good news is so dense and so constant in Romans 8 — and so vastly superior to all earthly good news — that we scarcely feel the force of it until we take every verse of Romans 8 and restate it as the miracle it means for our lives.”

3 Common Traits of Youth Who Stay In Church
” It’s hard to sort through the various reports and find the real story. And there is no one easy solution for bringing all of those “lost” kids back into the church, other than continuing to pray for them and speaking the gospel into their lives. However, we can all look at the 20-somethings in our churches who are engaged and involved in ministry. What is it that sets apart the kids who stay in the church? Here are just a few observations I have made about such kids, with a few applications for those of us serving in youth ministry.”

The Early Bird Gets The Link

Mohler on Sexual Orientation
“One of these issues is sexual orientation. As I explained in my address, I had previously denied the existence of sexual orientation. I, along with many other evangelicals, did so because we did not want to accept the sexual identity structure that so often goes with sexual orientation. I still reject that notion of sexual identity. But I repented of denying the existence of sexual orientation…”

Judge Not or You Will Judged
What does the Bible mean when it says “Judge not, that you be not judged”? And how does this fit with how the church should respond to the LGBTQ community?

Putting Sin to Death
” How do you stop a sin, and how do you stop an especially stubborn and deep-rooted sin? Is there any hope? I want to track with John Owen here (via his great work Overcoming Sin and Temptation) and give a list of 9 things you need to do to overcome sin…”

Keep Your House Warmer
Winter is here and we need to keep warm. Here are some tips to keep your house warmer.

Meditation Monday: Be A Truth Warrior

Meditation Monday is where I share my reflections on Sunday’s sermons from my church, Watson Chapel Baptist Church, Pastor Todd Howard.
Currently we are going through 2 Corinthians. Yesterday the passage we were in were 2 Corinthians 10:1-6.

Paul uses the war motif in this passage, as he does in some of his other letters. Paul points out that Christian are to be warriors for truth. Taking down strongholds of error and lies with the truth. We are the salt and light and we shine forth the beacon of truth in a dying world that desperately needs truth. As “Truth Warriors” there are a few things we should consider

1.Be A Gracious Defender.
As Truth Warriors we must be gracious. We can not be jerks with the truth. We must speak the truth in love. Which leads to the second part of this thought, you must speak the truth. We hold a treasure, which is Christ and truth, that is meant to be shared. We must be searching for the opportunities to share truth so that the Spirit of Truth can break down strongholds of lies and error. 

2. There is No Nobility in Ignorance.
As Truth Warriors we must spend the time to study to know the
truth and know how to defend it. We must know the what and why of our Christian Faith so we can effectively give an answer to the hope that lies within us.

3. The Truth Warrior is Determined.
A great example of a determined Truth Warrior is Paul. Paul would speak truth wherever he went, no matter the cost. As Truth Warriors we must be determined to continue and fulfill the Great Comission on this earth. To do that we must determine in our hearts to speak the truth wherever we can.

Until next week
Soli Deo Gloria

Meditation Monday

It’s been just a little busy at home and church that I have taken a break from the blog, but I am back with Meditation Monday, where I post some meditations from the sermons that were preached at Watson Chapel Baptist Church

Yesterday’s sermons were powerful at Watson Chapel Baptist Church. In the morning we learned of the love that Paul had for the Corinthians.  A love that spoke the truth to them, a love that just didn’t drop them by the wayside. Paul genuinely loved the Corinthians and desired for them to live a life worthy of the calling. When I think about Paul I examine my own heart. Do I feel the way Paul did about my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? Examine your heart too.

In our evening service we were in Genesis 3 learning about the curses God placed on Adam and Eve for their disobedience. We see a picture of Judgement and Grace. A God who punishes sin and the same God who will provide a way for forgiveness of sins. He is such an awesome God.

But one thing that Pastor Todd said has been brewing in my mind is when he talked about why God cursed women with pain in child birth. He said “one possible explanation God cursed the women with pain in child birth is because of the pain it was going to cost God to birth spiritual children.” Meditate on this today. We serve a gracious God who would send His own Son to die for us.

Soli Deo Gloria